A brand new partnership with Eden Camp Modern History Museum

performed at Eden Camp from 27th-30th August 2021

Inspired by the love letters of Bert and Betty, Letters From Betty is a promenade multi-media live performance told from a Naval sailor’s perspective, of day to day life during World War 2. We follow Bert’s journey from Navy training, to active duty during the war, and are given insights to his growing relationship with a young Brum lass called Betty.

The show is a fusion of history and modern storytelling, revealing the thoughts and reflections of some of the individuals who lived through such turmoil, their experiences though war time and their dreams for the future.

Bring your friends and family along for this unique insight into the extraordinary lives and the profound loves of those who were kept apart by the Second World War.

Letters From Betty is a reminder that even in the midst of dark times, hope prevails.